About Us

Alexander is the name that marks with pride handcrafted footwear of great value, capable of combining the manual wisdom with the choice of the most precious materials, in the rigor of a style without equal.

Born in 1910 in Coventry UK, The brand Alexander moved to Italy in the early 1930s. The elegance and tradition of the English School blended with the harmony of shapes and proportions of Italian creativity to give life to a shoe without time.

The excellence of these products intended for the luxury market are an authentic heritage of Italian craftsmanship and, as such, spokesman in the world of the value of the Made in Italy.


The Trademark

The brand Alexander it always stood out for the elegance and the high quality of its products. The attention to details wants to be our hallmark, because the man who wears an Alexander shoe searches attention to details and timeless style. Each of our product is finished with care and passion by the skillful hands of our craftsmen, profound connoisseurs of the raw material and of all the most valuable process. The history of the brand, the Italian manufacturing wisdom and to desire of contemporaneity, create today’s foundations of the new line Alexander, designed for an elegant man, without time, attentive to detail, who never forgets the desire of novelty.



The marks of the brush strokes spread with a firm and wise hand create that small masterpiece which is our ruby color sole. A sole that tells the story of our craftsmen, a story made of knowledge of the craft and passion. Ask Tiziano, which bears the name of a great painter who knew colors, what it means to him to paint a sole. When takes in his hands an Alexander shoe one by one and with his brush goes to spread that red color so full. He puts his heart and all his experience in his work. He knows how to recognize each individual shoe and for him a sole is not a less important part a shoe. For him every particular is important and so for every single detail, for each single component our craftsmen put the same passion and the same commitment. Because it is the union of many perfect brushstrokes that goes to create a masterpiece. The red lining, rivets in the heel and tip, the custom heel, valuable leather pieces selected with care and attention, craftsmanship. These are the details that make an Alexander shoe a masterpiece of the Italian shoemaking world.